Culinary Resources

In each of our Central Markets you will find, near Produce and within shouting distance of our Fish Markets, a Culinary Resource Center whose sole purpose is to inspire the cook in you.

Whether you want some ideas for everyday meals, or for entertaining – or just want a simple question answered – this is the place to go. Every day, our culinary staff shares their love of food and cooking with our customers, demonstrating recipes and techniques, handing out samples to taste,  helping customers figure out what recipe or product is perfect for what, and even helping locate products in the store.

Terra at Mill Creek, Moe at Shoreline, Tammy in Poulsbo, Sharen at Bainbridge Island Town & Country Market and Jenny at our corporate offices have built a library of more than 2,000 tried-and-trusted recipes for every skill level, interest and occasion. All our recipes are available online. Printed recipes, and even special binders to keep them in, are available at the resource centers.

Each week, one of our recipes is selected as the “Featured Recipe” to be demonstrated or available at all our stores.  The coordinator who contributed that recipe offers suggestions on what to serve it with, and tips from their own personal experience as cooks. You can have that Featured Recipe emailed to you weekly. Also, check out our Culinary Video section to see the coordinators demonstrating techniques and recipes.

The culinary staff is dedicated to inspiring the cook in you. Whether you pick up a recipe in person or you browse our recipes online, they want to make sure that the experience provided by great food continues into the kitchen and onto the table. Here’s more about our culinary coordinators:

Terra Stoich – Mill Creek

Terra, named Mill Creek’s Culinary Coordinator in May 2014, was most recently the assistant manager of the extensive Deli at Central Market Shoreline.  She’s been in the restaurant business for more than 20 years, starting out washing dishes and hosting in a little Italian place in Pennsylvania. “I’ve worked kitchen lines, served and bartended in more places than I can count on both coasts,” Terra says.  After college failed to identify a true passion to pursue, Terra realized she coveted her cookbooks more than her school books. She was hired at Central Market Shoreline in 2009, and spent three years in the Deli. She loves to share recipe ideas and ingredient tips with customers. “Nothing is more satisfying than introducing people to foods that they absolutely love and otherwise may never have come across.” She has a particular affinity for home-style comfort and breakfast foods with unusual ingredients and for finding new uses for everyday ingredients. She’s also a big fan of using leftover ingredients in new and creative ways.

Tammy McAfee – Poulsbo

A market employee since 2010, Tammy was named Culinary Coordinator in January 2013. She has been a student of good food and cooking since she started dinner party clubs with other couples after she married in 1989. The goal was to cook new types of food, enjoy an evening with friends and get some light-hearted feedback. Tammy is passionate about finding new ingredients and products to enjoy and experiment with – guilt free! Her favorite type of entertaining is brunch because it’s easily made in advance so she can enjoy the party. Her favorite aspect of demos at the Culinary Resource Center is introducing customers to simple concepts such a making a quiche or slicing an avocado. “It’s empowering for those who didn’t grow up cooking to learn some simple techniques on how to prepare the high-quality products we sell,” she said. With two teen-agers, Tammy has a lot of opportunities to cook for the swim and track teams when they bring their friends home, and “they’ll eat anything!”

Moe Eveland – Shoreline

Moe realized she liked cooking after spending her early adulthood on the road, working in restaurants and learning how to create tasty meals not from recipes, but from what was on hand. After putting down some roots, she graduated from Seattle Culinary Academy at Seattle Central Community College, and then worked for caterers, dabbled in running a specialty food company and even ran a crepe place for five years. Her favorite way of cooking is seeing what she can concoct from what’s in the pantry. She became culinary coordinator at Central Market Shoreline in 2008.

Sharen Iversen – Bainbridge Island

Sharen has been cooking since she was 5, seriously! She had her own garden and was brining fish in the backyard when she was 10. She got into catering as an adult when she served on the board of directors of Public Radio in Alaska. Since 2002, she’s been the culinary coordinator at Town & Country Market on Bainbridge Island. She especially loves cooking Asian and Italian cuisine, and talking with customers at the culinary kiosk. And she loves cooking for her granddaughter, Evelyn, who was born in 2008.

Jenny Nichols – Culinary Menu Coordinator (corporate)

After realizing that cooking was what she did to cheer herself up after leaving her job in a law firm, Jenny changed course. She graduated from Seattle Culinary Academy at Seattle Central Community College and worked as both a line cook and a pastry chef at places like Macrina Bakery, Kaspar’s Restaurant and Nell’s Restaurant in Greenlake. She became culinary coordinator at Central Market Mill Creek in 2006 and, in 2014, moved south to Ballard Market to set up their culinary program. While they don’t have a kiosk like the other culinary resource centers, she’ll be coordinating demos and tastings throughout the store. She is especially interested in local and seasonal cooking – and anything her children, born in 2006 and 2009, will eat!