Vitamins & Supplements

We offer hundreds of vitamins and supplements for everyone from babies to adults and offer an especially large array of choices for Essential Fatty Acids.

Included in those choices are our own Town & Country Markets Inc. vitamins and supplements – a premium product produced by Vitamer Labs of Irvin, CA, with whom we have had a 15-year partnership.

Vitamer itself was established in 1924 and developed into pharmaceutically registered manufacturing facility in the early 1940s. Vitamer meets stringent requirements of State and Federal FDA, which is said to be rare in the dietary supplement industry.

Vitamer prides itself on high standards in manufacturing. They offer full disclosure of ingredients and their sources, and test all raw material when they’re received and again before packaging.  They test for freshness and purity and conduct microbiological analysis to ensure the absence of salmonella, E. coli, yeast, and molds. Their weighing system double checks all ingredients to eliminate the possibility of mixing errors, and they perform tests every half hour for product uniformity. Their practices strictly track products and they retain all samples for a minimum of three years.

The vitamins and supplements are sold in amber-colored glass bottles to preserve freshness and ensure maximum potency, and each bottle has a complete tamper-evident sleeve to ensure consumer safety.

Also, Vitamer donates millions of multivitamin and mineral supplements each year to Vitamin Angels, a nonprofit group whose mission is to get micronutrients to infants and children in need around the world  — especially vitamin A, which helps children fight infectious diseases.

You have many choices when it comes to vitamins and supplements, in addition to the Town & Country brand.

Here are some highlights of our Essential Fatty Acid offerings – EFAs being building blocks for nerve tissue and the brain being the organ with the greatest need for EFAs:

  • We offer our own line, Barlean’s (located on a 12-acre farm in Ferndale, Whatcom County) and Nordic Naturals, and others
  • Option of fish oil or plants as the source
  • Available in liquid, seeds, ground, chewable and capsule
  • You can find options that are organic, gluten free, vegetarian and/or vegan
  • Our own label, Barlean’s and Nordic Naturals are all certified by both the Natural Products Association and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Nordic Naturals has award-winning purity levels
  • Barlean’s flax oils are fresh pressed on demand
  • Barlean’s has 100% guaranteed organic and Non-GMO Flax Oil