Olive & Antipasto Guide

You are likely to see these delicacies on our olive & antipasto bars. Because each of our stores is unique, offerings will vary based on the capacity of that store’s bar.


  • The flower bud of a bush native to the Mediterranean
  • Date back to 600 BC
  • Pungent flavor adds salty tartness to condiments, sauces
  • Also use in salads, pasta dishes and other recipes

Castelvetrano Olives

  • From Italy (native to Sicily)
  • Meaty, juicy, sweet flavor with notes of artichoke and asparagus
  • Use in antipasto trays, snacking

Cerignola Olives

  • From Italy
  • Largest olive available in US
  • They come in black and green
  • Exceptionally mild and buttery
  • Use in antipasto trays, snacking

Cipolline Onions

  • Renowned Borettane onion
  • Grown along the Po river in Northern Italy
  • Sweet and crunchy
  • Great for snacking


  • Crisp, tart small pickle
  • Made from tiny gherkin cucumbers
  • Traditional accompaniment to pates, smoked meats and fish


  • The centerpiece of the Mediterranean meze platter
  • Prized sultana grape leaves hand-rolled with seasoned long-grain rice, sweet onions, fresh dill and mint.

Feta Cheese

  • True Feta containing 80% sheep’s milk and 20% goat milk
  • An aged, crumbly cheese with a slightly grainy texture
  • Use in Greek salad, in pastries and baking (as in phyllo dishes like spinach pie) or combined with olive oil and vegetables.
  • Even great on sandwiches

Kalamata Olives

  • The most famous olive from Greece
  • Cured in a red wine vinegar brine
  • Available with pits or pitted
  • Aromatic, full bodied and firm with a rich and fruity taste
  • Great in Greek Salad

Mozzarella Cheese

  • From Belgiogioso in Wisconsin
  • Completely different than “indestructible” pizza mozzarella
  • Small mozzarella balls are called ciliegine (Italian for¬†“cherry”); large are¬†bocconcini (“mouthful”)
  • Eat within 7-10 days of purchase
  • Slice and place atop slices of fresh tomato with fresh basil. Drizzle with olive oil.


  • From South Africa
  • Sweet peppers with a spicy kick
  • Use in antipasto trays or for snacking

Picholine Olives

  • The most famous olive from France
  • Handpicked, brine cured
  • Crisp-tender, slightly salty
  • Good in salads and cocktails

Roasted Tomatoes

  • Red ripe Roma tomatoes picked at the peak of the summer
  • Slow roasted for tender texture and intense flavor
  • Use on pizzas, with pasta, in salads, blend with hummus, antipasto tray


  • Paste of olives, capers and sweet peppers
  • Serve with baguette slices
  • Add to pasta with chopped fresh tomatoes and fresh basil