Whether you want to buy a single egg, or pre-packed eggs, you have a lot of choices at our Markets – cage-free, organic, Omega-3 enhanced,  white or brown, certified humane and conventional – ALL from Northwest family operations.

We get our Northwest-grown eggs from Stiebrs Farms in Yelm, including Grade AA eggs from hens that are hormone, steroid and stimulant free and raised on vegetarian diets.  We offer duck eggs from Stiebr’s as well. Stiebrs Farms grows and mills its own grain to feed their chickens.

Stiebrs eggs are delivered twice each week to ensure freshness.

Stiebrs has earned a certification from the Humane Farm Animal Care program. Certified Humane eggs are certified by the Humane Farm Animal Care program, the first and only nonprofit organization to develop industry-independent, scientifically sound standards that protect the welfare of animals involved in the food production process.


We carry only Northwest dairy farm milk in our Markets and pull milk off the shelf five days before its “pull date” to ensure customers get fresh product they have time to consume. Fresh milk is delivered to our markets two to three times a week in a variety of containers – from cartons to glass – and in every fat level – nonfat, 1 percent, 2 percent and “whole,” as well as lactose free.

We are excited about our glass milk bottle program with Twin Brook Creamery in Lynden – you pay a small deposit for the glass bottle that is returned to you when you bring the bottle back. Glass bottles are said to better protect the taste of milk as well as its freshness because glass keeps the milk colder and air doesn’t leak in.

We carry brands representing all methods of production and pasteurization* methods – Organic Valley, Twin Brook Creamery, Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy and Darigold. Continue reading to learn why.

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