We Are All In

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Company Statement

June 24, 2020

The tragedy of George Floyd’s killing and the events that have followed are heartbreaking. We ache for the Black community and others who experience racism and prejudice. We are also inspired by those who have peacefully protested and fostered a global movement.

Our Company’s origin is a story of transforming the anguish of racism into a catalyst for building community. By standing strong and living their values, two of our founders, John and Mo Nakata, survived the troubled times of internment camps and returned home where many welcomed them with warmth and compassion, and they eventually opened our first market with their friend Ed Loverich. Our legacy is rooted in creating environments in which all people feel truly welcomed and appreciated and are treated with fairness and equity.

We stand with, and for, all people who are committed to acknowledging, condemning and eradicating systemic racism and bigotry. Hundreds of our employees have participated in diversity and inclusion classes the past few years, and last year we added Diversity & Inclusion to our company core values. Now it is time for us to look more deeply within and outside the walls of our markets to determine our role in this movement.

We will do all we can to nourish the quality of life for all our neighbors and communities. And we pledge to share with you in the coming weeks the actions we will take to move us forward in diversity, equity and inclusion.

We are all in.

With appreciation,
Town & Country Markets

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