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Mexican Blueberries
Poised for Harvest

Top: Family Tree Orchards blueberries ripening in the Mexican sun.
Above: Dave Jackson in his Mexican blueberry orchard last week.

Produce Specialist Joe Pulicicchio kindly took time out during his trip to Mexico today to send us a quick update on the new crop of fresh blueberries we’ll soon be getting from Dave Jackson and the Family Tree Farm in Mexico.

Family Tree Farms in the San Joaquin Valley in California is a longtime partner of Town & Country Markets. Dave Jackson is a seventh-generation farmer whose children and grandchildren have joined the family trade. We get a lot of our best eating stone fruit from Family Tree Farms, including our pluots, yellow and white peaches, nectarines and Brooks cherries. What sets Family Tree Farms apart is their commitment to not picking the fruit until it’s at its peak flavor – and they’ve now set up blueberry orchards in Mexico.

The harvest of the Mexico blueberries this year is expected to start around Feb. 15, and as it builds, we should see a good supply by early March.

We’re excited about being able to get our blueberries this time of year from Dave’s new blueberry orchards – it means we’re able to move much closer to home far sooner than was possible just a few years ago. Plus – we’re able to get a fresh harvest blueberry rather than a storage blueberry from farther away. This fruit can make the trip from harvest to store within just a few short days rather than the 10 to 15 days it takes to arrive from Chile, our former source this time of year.

For more about Family Tree Farms, read about them in our “Company We Keep” section.

Cheers! Joe

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