How to Shop Bulk

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Dry Foods

  1. Choose what you want. If you would like a sample, please ask a clerk to assist you.
  2. Select the appropriate size bag.
  3. For most items you’ll use a scoop. For items that aren’t scoopable (i.e. dried bananas) use a plastic glove.
  4. Fill the bag with as much or as little as you like.
  5. Gravity bins: Place bag below the opening and slowly pull the handle. Release the handle when you have the desired amount of product in your bag.
  6. Write the bin number on the twist tie, or if using a small zipper bag, write it on a sticker to be placed on the bag.
  7. Use a separate bag for each item – no mixing please.

For bulk liquid items (oil, honey, etc.) ask a clerk to demonstrate how to fill.


  • Write what the product is on the tag in case you forget (if you ever do have unidentified bulk product, call us with the bin number and we’ll look it up for you.)
  • Unless you plan to use all of the product right away, write the date on the tag also.


BYOB to Bulk

Bring your own bottles, jars and containers* to refill, if you like. When you bring a clean container from home, ask a Bulk Foods clerk or a checker for a “tare weight.” They will weigh your empty container and mark the weight on it, and it will be deducted from the total weight when you check out.

* Any clean, NSF-approved food-safe containers may be used.


 Storing Bulk Foods at Home

 How should this be stored at home? How long?

Store bulk foods in airtight containers in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight.
Because whole grains retain their healthful oils, they are at greater risk for oxidation than refined grains. Thus it is widely recommended that whole grains and whole grain flours be stored in the refrigerator or freezer.
These recommended storage times are the conservative standard. When stored properly many pantry items will last much longer.

 Storage Times

  • Dried Fruit … 6 months
  • Dried Beans … 1 year
  • Whole Grains … 6 months*
  • Refined Grains … 1 year
  • White Rice … 1-2 years
  • Brown Rice … 1 year*
  • Sugar, granulated … 2 years
  • Sugar, brown … 4 months
  • White Flour … 4 months
  • Whole Grain Flour … 4 months*
  • Spices, Dried Herbs … 6 months
  • Pasta  … 1-2 years
  • Popcorn … 2 years
  • Nuts  … 4 months*
  • Coffee, whole … 1 month
  • Coffee, ground … 2 weeks

 *Stored in the refrigerator.


Special Orders

We are happy to order at your request whole-pack quantities of any product that we sell or is available to us through our suppliers. Just let us know if you need, for example, a 25-pound bag of rice or 1-pound pack of cinnamon sticks.

When you order in whole-pack quantities, we’ll discount your cost by 10%.


Great Ideas


Custom Blends

  • Mix up your favorite nuts and dried fruits for a customized trail mix.
  • Add your choice of nuts and dried fruits to rolled oats for your own muesli, or make a personalized granola.
  • Create your own spice blends for grilling, vinaigrettes, all-purpose seasoning, etc.

NOTE: All items must be purchased separately then mixed at home.

Camping & Road Trips

  • Pack along our dehydrated mixes – assorted soups, hummus, tabbouleh, etc. – for quick meals and hearty snacks.
  • Trail mixes with protein-rich nuts and high-energy dried fruits are the perfect hiking snack.
  • Skip the chip aisle and stock up on a variety of munchies in any quantity you choose.

Sprout It

  • Many of our beans and grains can be sprouted. All you need is a good book on sprouting, some very simple equipment and a sense of adventure.

Top It Off

  • Top ice cream with chopped almonds, coconut flakes and dried cherries, or chocolate chips and roasted peanuts.
  • Top a salad with pumpkin seeds, dried veggies, dried cranberries or sesame sticks.
  • Top your yogurt with granola, chopped dried mango or dates, or raw cashew pieces.