Holiday Shortcuts

The holidays look different this year and the past several months have been stressful enough. Here we offer some tips to help you enjoy the holidays at home with ease.

Shopping tips

To help avoid overcrowding so everyone can maintain safe distances from others:

    • Shop early for most items like broth, baking ingredients, crackers, butter and wine.
    • Use our online ordering service and let us shop for you. Then you simply pick your groceries up or have them delivered.
    • Most of our markets will extend their normal hours the week of Christmas so you can shop earlier or later to avoid the busier hours. Find your market’s hours here.

Take it easy!

Let us do some of the cooking. Perhaps choose one or two dishes to make from scratch and fill in the rest with our fully prepared offerings.

    • Do only the baking you want to do and let the pros do the rest. We have plenty of pies, breads and rolls from some of the best bakeries we know.
    • If you are making your own pies, save time by using prepared crust.
    • Check our Produce Market for recipe-ready veggies, like cubed butternut squash and trimmed asparagus.
    • Make or prep some dishes ahead of time. For example, make mashed potatoes in advance and reheat in your slow cooker. Chop onions in your food processor a day or two before you start cooking so they’re ready to go.
    • Prep gravy a day or two early. Make the roux and mix with stock. Then when your turkey comes out of the oven reheat and add those tasty pan juices.
    • Let us take care of appetizers! We have Our Own Cheese Balls, Salmon Spread, Crab Artichoke Dip and so much more.
    • Use our brining kit for your turkey—complete with salt, herbs and a bag big enough for a turkey.
    • Make easy meals a couple days prior to the holiday. Pick up a prepared salad and flatbread to bake at home, Our Own soups or one of our amazing lasagnas.