Holiday Videos

You can do this! Our short and sweet videos will show you how to make easy, holiday-worthy appetizers, and more. Watch a video to see how easy it is, then click through to the corresponding recipe and you’ll be on your way to a delicious holiday season!

How to Decorate a Gingerbread House

Here’s how easy it is to decorate a gingerbread house at home using our preassembled kits.

Gift Basket Kits

All you need to make a beautiful gift basket! Kits include basket, crinkle filler, cellophane wrap and a bow. Simply add gifts and assemble.

Easy Holiday Stuffing

See how easy it is to make stuffing using Our Own Stuffing Starter and Rustic Bread Cubes.

How to Build a Cheese Board

Sharen, Culinary Coordinator at Bainbridge Town & Country Market, teams up with our Director of Culinary Services Shauna, to offer tips on building a cheese board.

Baked Brie with Cherries and Almonds

Warm, gooey cheese can’t be beat – unless you throw in some dried cherries, sliced almonds, and brown sugar. Now you’ve got an appetizer that people will gather around.

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Butter Rum Pecans

This Butter Rum Pecans idea is so easy it barely qualifies as a “recipe.” In fact, you won’t need to look up the recipe or make a lengthy grocery list in order to do it. Just watch this short video on Butter Rum Pecans and voila – you’re a master!

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Crab-Artichoke Wontons

Well, aren’t you fancy serving Crab-Artichoke Wontons at the party? Don’t tell anyone it basically requires two ingredients – wonton wrappers and Our Own Crab Artichoke Dip.

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Cranberry Blue Cheese Ball

The only ingredient not in the name of this Cranberry Blue Cheese Ball are the crushed, candied pecans. Otherwise, the name says it all – blue cheese and cream cheese balled up with dried cranberries and rolled in crushed candied pecans. There’s something about cheese balls that can make it a party!

Fresh Pumpkin for Pie Filling

If you’ve never tasted a pumpkin pie made with freshly roasted pumpkin – not the puree you find in a can – then you’re in for something special. It’s really quite easy to make your own pumpkin pie filling – then forge ahead with our Fresh Pumpkin Pie recipe.

Olive Pinwheels

Who doesn’t love tapenade? Who doesn’t love puff pastry? These are easy, popular appetizers for any party at any time of year.

Shrimp Mini Quiches

Perfect for parties, these little bite-size wonders are great for taking to parties, or for giving parties. And your guests will be impressed.

Tropical Prawns

Incredibly simple Tropical Prawns are a popular appetizer – and easy to transport whether you’re taking them to a party, or serving them at your own. A pound of prawns and some sweet chili sauce, orange marmalade, and some shredded coconut are all you need.

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