Hatch Green Chiles:
Are You Ready to Roast?

<This Page applicable through Sept. 4, 2018, ONLY>

Hatch chiles are green chiles – somewhat similar to Anaheims, specifically grown in the Hatch Valley in Southern New Mexico. They have a smoky flavor and range in heat from mild to extra hot.

Hatch chiles are extremely versatile, which might be why they are getting so crazy popular! They’re great for stews, sautés, sauces and dips (think salsa, queso or even hummus). They can be used to top a burger, or a pizza.

Hatch green chiles are much better roasted than raw. You can freeze the roasted chiles whole – taking out as many as you need for rellenos or other “stuffed” recipes. You can also throw some in the food processor and pulse until you have a chunky, thick slurry of sorts, which can be frozen in one- and half-cup measures for other recipes.

We’re Firing Up Our Roasters – Join Us!

Our first round of roasting events Aug. 25 and 26 were great fun. But we’re not quite done yet. All this weekend’s events are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at our Central Markets:

  • Central Market Shoreline 15505 Westminster Way N., Shoreline)
    • Saturday Sept. 1 and Sunday Sept. 2
  • Central Market Poulsbo (20148 10th Ave. N.E., Poulsbo)
    • Saturday Sept. 1 and Sunday Sept. 2
  • Central Market Mill Creek (5605 Main St., Mill Creek)
    • Saturday Sept. 1 and Sunday Sept. 2

  What You Need to Know Before You Roast

  • Pick up a half- or full bushel and we’ll roast them all. Half bushels run about 10-12 lbs., while a full bushel basket is 20-24 lbs. (all before roasting)
  • The half bushel is new this year, for those who just can’t use the full-case quantities we offered in the past.
  • The varieties of chilies offered this year are “Big Jim,” which is a medium hot variety; and “Crazy 88,” which is classified as hot.
  • The minimum we can roast is a half bushel.
  • Limit of five full bushels per customer – we want to be sure that everyone who wants to get chiles to be roasted is able to do so.

What if Roasting Just Isn’t My Thing?

You don’t have to go to a roasting event to get your fill of these seasonal splendors.
We’ll be offering freshly roasted, pre-packaged chiles, as well.

And although our markets on Bainbridge Island and Ballard won’t be roasting onsite, they will have the pre-packaged chiles.

Also look for our new Chile Salsa to arrive sometime before the roastings!