Guide to Gluten-Free Shopping

Gluten-Free Eating

Gluten is a protein found in wheat (including wheat varieties semolina, durum, spelt, triticale, emmer farro and freekeh), rye and barley. Following a gluten-free diet is challenging due to the prevalence of these grains in foods and food-additives. Careful reading of food labels is absolutely necessary when adhering to a gluten-free diet. Sometimes gluten-containing ingredients are obvious, and sometimes they are not – such as with modified food starch, thickeners, natural flavorings, etc.

There are a great many foods that are inherently gluten free, and increasingly more gluten-free alternatives for foods that commonly contain gluten (such as gluten-free pasta and cereal) are available. A dietician or nutritionist can help you to adjust to a gluten-free diet with confidence.

Gluten-Free Shopping

Here are the primary considerations when checking product labels for the presence or absence of gluten …

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