Village Farms

Village Farms, headquartered in Delta, BC, is one of the largest producers of premium quality greenhouse tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers in North America. With the tagline “Good for the earth. Garden fresh flavor,” Village Farms is known for growing its vegetables hydroponically (without soil) in a glass-enclosed, high-technology environment using sophisticated computer systems to control irrigation, fertilizers, carbon dioxide, light, temperature, ventilation, humidity and other climatic factors.

Village Farms owns and operates seven greenhouse facilities in British Columbia and Texas. These regions support a vibrant greenhouse industry due to their superior growing conditions, in terms of light and temperature, when compared to other regions of North America. Village Farms’ greenhouse vegetables are produced by plants that have been selected for their taste, quality and other characteristics and are not genetically modified. These “indoor gardens” include pollination via bumble bees, and pest control by ensuring there are good bugs that eat the bad bugs.

Village Farms states that the difference between their produce and all the rest on the market is that it simply tastes better – and that it tastes better due to four factors:

They allow their produce to ripen on the vine longer, which allows the natural sugars to develop
They have the “smartest, most passionate growers” in the industry
Their greenhouses contain the most advanced technologies in the industry
They get the food from farm to grocery shelf quickly
Village Farms growers pride themselves on growing the best-tasting varieties, for which they search the world. Their produce is GMO free. And Village Farms is on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly and highly sustainable farming, enabling them to grow more food naturally, all year long. Look for the Texas Grown and BC Grown seals on each of their exclusive ripened on-the-vine varieties.

Village Farms is the oldest greenhouse operation and brand in the United States, and has a strong reputation as an industry leader in both quality and food safety with a small carbon and physical footprint.