Twin Brook Creamery

Although milk may not be delivered to your doorstep by the milkman, sporting a uniform as the bottles clink and rattle on his way – Twin Brook Creamery of Lynden has brought back the glass bottle and the high-quality milk that goes with it.

Twin Brook exclusively milks Jersey cows because these cows produce a higher level of butterfat in their milk, which makes the milk, as owner Larry Stap said, “taste like milk is supposed to taste.”

Bottles are said to preserve the flavor of the milk better than plastic or cardboard, to keep it colder and is said to be a better option environmentally. For instance, the federal Environmental Protection Agency states that less than 30 percent of the plastic milk jugs used in this country end up being recycled.  The rest end up in landfills where they take years – as in hundreds – to decompose. Paper milk cartons take a lot of energy and resources to produce, and can’t be reused over and over like glass bottles.

Twin Brook’s milk is also not homogenized so the cream floats to the top. That may look a bit strange to modern-day consumers, but all the milk needs is a good shake before drinking and the cream will mix with the milk.

Twin Brook pasteurizes its milk at a low temperature of 155 degrees for 30 minutes. This kills the harmful bacteria, but not the milk’s natural flavor.

The Stap family has been in the dairy business in Lynden since 1910. Five generations have lived and worked on the farm including the two generations who currently run the business –  Larry, his wife Debbie, and their daughter Michelle and son-in-law Mark.

The family decided to bottle the milk instead of expanding the dairy farm when they wanted to grow the business.

Twin Brook Creamery includes two locations – the original family homestead, now home to the bottling facility and the dry cows, and the dairy farm Larry started with his wife before buying the family business. Larry’s original farm is divided into two locations: one for the young and maternity cows and another for the milking cows.

Twin Brook produces a variety of flavors, including white milk, chocolate milk and, during the holiday season, egg nog.  A bottle deposit fee is charged at the time of purchase, and is refunded when the empty bottle is brought back to the store.  Our stores return the bottles to Twin Brook, where they are washed and sanitized and then filled will delicious Jersey milk before being sent back to our stores.