Stiebrs Farms

When we committed to supporting local egg farms that produce cage-free eggs, we selected Stiebrs Farms as our primary egg supplier for several reasons. Stiebrs Farms is a family farm in Yelm, fewer than 100 miles from our stores. The Stiebrs family has been in the egg business for more than 50 years, and is committed to humane practices and top-quality fresh eggs.

Jan and Zelma Stiebrs immigrated to the United States from Latvia in 1949 with their two small children, Anita and Jon. As they picked beans and strawberries in the Tumwater Valley, they dreamed of owning their own business. By 1953 they had 100 hens and Jon and his dad were selling eggs door to door to friends and neighbors. They expanded their sales to Tacoma, and soon had enough business to support their family.

When Jan and Zelma retired in 1978,  Jon and his wife, Dianna, and their children owned and operated the farm. Jon passed away in late 2015, and the farm is now operated by their son, Yany, and is wife, Sara. Stiebrs Farms employs about 70 people and owns six delivery trucks that transport their eggs (chicken and duck) everyday throughout Washington and northern Oregon.

All hens producing eggs for the Stiebrs Farms Sunrise Fresh label are raised in large cage-free henhouses, in which hens lay eggs in nests and are free to run, preen and socialize. They are fed a pure vegetarian diet of corn, wheat, barley and soy, and never receive hormones or antibiotics. The Stiebrs’ flock of omega-3 hens is also fed flaxseed. Stiebrs organic, cage-free hens are fed organic vegetarian feed and spend time outdoors. To maintain the integrity of their organic program, the Stiebrs family owns and operates their own certified organic feed mill. Stiebrs Farms cage-free and organic eggs are Certified Humane by Humane Farm Animal Care.