Shepherd’s Grain

Shepherd’s Grain is an alliance of progressive family farms – many of them third- and fourth-generation farmers – dedicated to practicing sustainable agriculture and producing exceptional wheat flours. In fact, Shepherd’s Grain goes so far as to say they’re out to “revolutionize” the way grains are grown and sold.

Among countless acres of tilled land that loses top soil each year, these farmers practice a no-till, direct-seeding technique that builds and nourishes the topsoil. In a world market where most wheat grown in our state is exported and most wheat that we buy in stores is imported, this flour is grown, milled and sold here in the Northwest. In an industry where the typical wheat farmer is paid less for his product than it costs to produce it, Shepherd’s Grain farmers make enough profit to support their families and grow their businesses.

Shepherd’s Grain has earned certification by the Food Alliance because of farming practices of the highest standards, and products that are traceable through the milling and distribution process to the individual farm. The Food Alliance inspects all of Shepherd's Grain 33 farms to make sure they are following protocol, which verifies their reliability.

Among flour choices that make satisfactory bread, Shepherd’s Grain flours are so exceptional that they are used by many Washington and Oregon restaurants and artisan bakeries. Shepherd’s Grain is headquartered in Eastern Washington.

You’ll see Shepherd’s Grain flours used in many of our artisan breads, as well as in our Central Market fresh tortillas.