Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

Sweet peas, hydrangeas, roses and peonies line the stands at the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market. These flowers and a variety of others come from all over the Northwest to a building in south Seattle.

The flowers predominately come from the Skagit Valley area, but a few farms are located on the Oregon coast and at least two from Alaska. Each of the individual farms implements sustainable growing practices and aims to provide the best product for our customers.

The idea for the Market originated in 2010 as a way to support local cut flower growers when other wholesalers were not interested in supporting them. By 2011, the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market opened its doors to professional floral buyers every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And in 2012, the market began to open to the public one day a week.

The Market started with a bang and grew quickly because “we don’t sit around,” Diane Szukovathy says. Diane owns Jello Mold Farm and was one of the original farmers to conceive the idea for the market.

Members of the Market include 13 different farms, which offers buyers a wonderful variety of flowers and plenty of smiling faces.

Although not all growers come to every market day, a few constants like Diane keep the Market running throughout the year. Spring and summer are the busiest seasons because of the Northwest weather, but the farmers include California growers for the winter months. Many farmers still have product during those months, just not the flower variety.

This community of farmers offers each farmer a place to showcase whatever products they want. One of the great things about the Market is the growers support each other and can help fill orders if necessary.  

Note: The photograph on the Company We Keep "landing page" includes flower grower Vivian Larson and our own Floral Category Manager Melanie Cherry.