Seattle Granola

If you’ve ever grabbed some granola for a quick snack and found yourself pouring crumbs from the bag directly into your mouth, there’s a decent chance that irresistible snack-turned-meal was from Seattle Granola Company.

It began when co-founder Emily shared some of her homemade granola with her brother-in-law, Chris, who thought it was so good they should take it to the next level and start a business. With the expertise cultivated through Emily’s background in the natural food industry and Chris’ experience as a professional chef, they developed hundreds of test batches and spent countless hours tinkering with recipes. That lead to procuring a facility in which to make their granola and share it with the world.

And we are incredibly grateful they do.

They use organic, gluten-free oats and organic, extra-virgin coconut oil to make all their batches. They’re certified vegan, too. With its delicious dried cranberries, almonds, vanilla and a hearty mix of pumpkin, flax, hemp and sunflower seeds, their “Original” variety is what made believers out of all of us here at Town & Country Markets (many of us developed what could probably be called dependencies involving Seattle Granola’s Original variety and Ellenos yogurt – another amazing local product).  Seattle Granola is headquartered in Shoreline.

“I’m a huge fan and I’m not really a huge granola eater,” says Nita Wills, our Bulk Foods Category Manager. “You can actually taste the freshness. Their high-quality fruits, nuts and spices are all locally cooked and shipped fresh instead of sitting in a warehouse. You can definitely taste the difference. It’s such a great snack, too.”

It’s by far our top-selling granola, with nearly 35,000 lbs. sold last year alone out of our Bulk Foods departments.

In addition to original, they have developed a “No BS” flavor that cuts the brown sugar for those looking for a lighter touch of sweetness (P.S. it’s still really good!) They also have a “Coffee,” version which cuts the cranberries and adds a dash of coffee for a fun, unique nod to Seattle’s most signature culinary tradition.

They believe “that when food tastes good and is good for you, then you’ll feel good about eating more of it.” Makes sense to us ‘cause we can’t get enough of it. We put it on our Big Board Buys every chance we get.

After about five years in the biz, Emily and Chris finished baking their 1,000th batch in early 2019 and we’re hoping for many more years of granola goodness. In the words of the kids who recently posted a video jingle on the Seattle Granola Company Facebook page, “Don’t eat crapola, eat Seattle granola!”