Seattle Bagel Bakery

Sustainably grown local wheat, kettle boiling and people – these are the key ingredients that make these bagels special.
“For us here at Seattle Bagel, it’s about people, from top to bottom. It’s about the farmers in Eastern Washington at the Shepherd’s Grain coop, to the bakers who are here day in and day out, morning to night, baking. It’s all about relationships. The bagels are just what bring us together,” says AJ Ghambari, owner of Seattle Bagel Bakery.
Seattle Bagels are handmade in Tukwila from scratch in small batches, and kettle-boiled before being topped by hand and baked. 

You can check out this video that outlines their entire process.

Many bagel producers employ a short cut, skipping the traditional kettle-boiling method and instead bake bagels in ovens equipped with a steam injection system. For purists, this does not produce a genuine bagel. Kettle boiling is an artisan technique that creates a crisp outer shell and chewy, dense inside. The moment you cut, bite or tear into a Seattle Bagel you’ll appreciate the difference kettle-boiling makes.
Flour used in making Seattle Bagels is farmed and milled in Eastern Washington by a coop of 33 family farmers known as Shepherd’s Grain. Each of these farmers uses sustainable farming methods that protect the soil and environment. All Shepherd’s Grain farms are certified by the Food Alliance Association. In addition to being local and sustainably farmed, Shepherd’s Grain flour is an exceptional product that makes superior baked goods. 
Allan Thorne, the Production Manager at Seattle Bagel Bakery, believes the goodness of their bagels comes from the fact the bagels are made of “just wheat, salt, malt, water. No preservatives, no dough conditioners, no chemical magic. Our whole program is we make them, bake them, and deliver them within a 24-hour period. That’s what we’ve been about since day one.” With that attitude, its no wonder Seattle Bagel Bakery makes such a delicious product.