Rogue Creamery

Rogue Creamery founder Tom Vella made history when he was the first cheese maker west of the Missouri River to produce blue cheese in caves, a technique he learned while studying cheese making in France in the 1950s. Tom’s son, Ig, carried on with the creamery and became known as the “godfather of artisan cheese” because of his knowledge, talent and mentorship of other cheese makers.

Ig chose to pass the southern Oregon business on to David Gremmels and Carey Bryant in 2002, because he trusted that they would continue to embrace the principles the Vella family instilled in the company – quality, community, and respect for the land and commitment to sustainable practices. 

Rogue Creamery’s fine raw milk blue cheeses have earned a multitude of awards, including top honors at the World Cheese Awards, American Cheese Society Awards, and US Championship Cheese Contest. Their facility is certified gluten free, and they are said to be the only third-party certified sustainable cheese maker in the US. Their list of accomplishments also includes the coveted Best New Product Award as the World's first Smokey Blue at the National Association for the 2005 Specialty Food Trade (NASFT) Food Show in New York and Rogue River Blue took Best in Show at the 2009 American Cheese Society in Austin Texas. They have garnered more than four trophies and 30 medals and awards.

Look for these wonderful blue cheeses in our Specialty Cheese Case.

Caveman Blue

A rich, complex raw-milk blue that is deliciously sweet and fruity with slight vanilla tones and a texture of butter and crystals. Aged six to 12 months.

Oregon Blue

Aged at least 90 days in Roquefort-modeled caves, this award-winning raw-milk blue has a semi-soft texture and subtle flavor. Pair with figs, pears, spinach, rustic breads and coffee.

Smokey Blue

Raw-milk Oregon Blue is cold smoked over hazelnut shells, creating sweet caramel and hazelnut flavors. Crumble into salads with nuts and dried fruits; enjoy with rustic breads.


This raw-milk Gorgonzola-style cheese is aged in caves for a minimum of 120 days. Sharp, tangy, fruity characteristics and creamy, buttery texture. Pair with fruit, nuts and prosciutto. 

Rogue River Blue

Raw-milk blue aged up to a year, and wrapped in grape leaves. Flavor hints at pine, wild berries, hazelnuts and pears. Awarded "World's Best Blue Cheese" in 2003. Limited availability.


Availability may vary.