Mirracole Morsels

Inside the Old Kingston Hotel by the ferry terminal, behind its quaint store front with glass windows, is a kitchen that could very well be your Grandma’s kitchen, but on a commercial scale.

The warm yellow walls and well-worn hardwood floor is home for Nicole Matheson's Mirracole Morsels business, which has come a long way since opening in 2002.

Nicole, a single mom of two, started her business as a way to be the mom she wanted to be – spending time with her children and still supporting them. Her business is named after her daughter Mirra Cole, and yes, the name is intended to sound like miracle.

After getting a good response to her homemade granola at the local Farmers’ Market, Nicole decided to try to get her granola into grocery stores. She started her journey into wholesale at the old Poulsbo Market. Sheila, the manager of the bulk foods department, decided to give the product at try and encouraged the other stores to do the same. The rest, as they say, is history. Well, almost.

Before she started selling to grocery stores, Nicole was able to prepare all the granola at home. As the popularity of her granola grew, and orders growing steadily, she soon needed more room. She rented a kitchen one night at week and her mother volunteered to watch the kids. The next step was for Nicole to convert her garage into a commercial kitchen with the help of a loan from her parents. She eventually outgrew even that, although that kitchen is now home to her gluten-free line of granola.

Besides the popular granola, Mirracole Morsels also offers cookies, granola cookies and some gluten-free treats like muffins. Her products are full of nuts and heart-healthy oats. They are also free of white sugar, wheat flour, preservatives, chemicals and genetically modified oils. Nicole wanted her children, at ages 7 and 8, to be able to read the ingredients label.

Nicole continually strives to include ingredients that are extremely high quality. She says she will never skimp on quality because it is what makes her products special. 

“People are already buying it,” she says. “They are going to keep buying it because it will be a special treat.”

Her retail location in Kingston is open 9 am-3 pm Monday-Friday and 9 am-5 pm Saturday and Sunday. Customers can come in and enjoy the café like setting with guest bakers and get a glimpse into the production of these special products. And you can find her complete line at our Bulk Foods in all our stores!