Macrina Bakery

The scent of freshly baked breads and pastries fills the air around Macrina Bakery in Seattle – and we are thrilled to offer those breads and pastries in our markets.

Macrina Bakery was established in 1993 by owner Leslie Mackie as a way to fuel her passion for creating specialty breads and pastries. Macrina now operates cafes in Seattle’s Belltown, McGraw Street, and First Avenue South. Each location has a slightly different personality and vibe. Macrina also offers a catering service. Macrina has been voted Best Bakery multiple times by Seattle Weekly and was named one of the 10 best bakeries in America by both Fodor’s and Bon Appetit. Mackie was named Readers’ Choice for Best Baker in Seattle Magazine

Mackie grew up watching her grandmother bake delicious cinnamon rolls and banana cake, inspiring her to attend the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. She soon began creating pastry in Boston, followed by a stint working as a restaurant consultant in Los Angeles. However it was bread that eventually held Mackie’s interest, as baking it takes both science and intuition. Mackie became head baker at Seattle’s Grand Central Bakery and went on to open Macrina in 1993. You can find Macrina breads at more than 100 restaurants in the Puget Sound area.

Macrina is named for the 4th century Greek mystic and visionary Macrina, said to have started one of the first communities that held property and emphasized a simple self-sufficient life. Mackie cares deeply about the connection between bread and the communion of sharing, and has based Macrina Bakery on the model of a traditional, old-world village bakery. The bakery uses as many indigenous products as possible, along with organic grains and natural ingredients.

Macrina’s various pastries and breads include such ingredients as northwest apples, potatoes, cranberries hazelnuts, wheat, rye barley and buckwheat flour. Some of the same products (for example Shepard’s Grain flour) are products we have chosen to use in our own bakeries.

Macrina’s bread and pastry bakers love making bread and that shines through in the quality of their products. Mackie shares that passion, adding that she’s never been bored since opening Macrina, and loves experimenting with new products.

Mostly Mackie loves connecting with her customers because it celebrates the long tradition of breaking bread with family and friends.