Jack’s Paleo Kitchen

For those who are fans of the paleo diet, finding sweet treats can be tricky. Luckily, Jack’s Paleo Kitchen in Lynden, just north of Bellingham, is here to help.

Jack’s paleo-friendly cookies are a great option for satisfying a sweet tooth while sticking to a paleo diet. What is paleo diet, anyway? It’s all about getting back to basics with foods that were available to our ancestors in the Paleolithic era. Paleo eating focuses on whole, minimally processed foods and includes some fruits and nuts, but avoids grains, dairy and legumes. Instead of refined sugars, Jack’s uses natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup in their goodies.

If you try to ask Jack how he got into paleo foods, it’s not going to be easy-- there is no Jack. The bakery’s name is an acronym from the founding family’s first names: Josh, Avery, Cadence and Karissa. When Josh was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, the family started looking for foods that tasted good and made them feel good. When they didn’t find many options they liked, they decided to make their own! Jack’s Paleo Kitchen cookies are grain-free, dairy-free and soon will be certified gluten-free.

The family-owned company is proud of their paleo-friendly cookies, not just because they think they taste amazing, but for the high-quality ingredients they use. Around 80 percent of their ingredients are organic, with plans to go 100 percent organic down the road. They work hard to partner with companies that share their values of sustainably produced, healthy foods. We’re excited to share Jack’s Paleo Kitchen cookies in our markets.