Ferndale Farmstead

Every day is Earth Day for the Wavrin family of cheesemakers. It’s been that way for three generations. It has to be. They operate in a closed loop system, meaning they grow the plants that feed the cows that give the milk to make the cheese. Whew! In other words — "seed-to-cheese."

At Ferndale Farmstead just north of Bellingham, the sustainable production of cheese is not just a matter of principle, it’s good business.

“The moral duty to preserve the planet alongside an economic necessity on farms to conserve resources,” says Bill Wavrin. “So, it is a completely natural mission for us to strive for this every day for as long as we have existed.”

They also strive to be a carbon-negative farm and take their practice of responsible food production seriously. Making cheese is a privilege and they don’t like to rely on simple buzz words to explain their philosophies. They believe the animals and resources under their care deserve respect and that their customers feel the same way.

From their fresh mozzarella to smoked Provolone, their Italian-style artisan cheeses are crafted with home cooking in mind. When you cook, you unlock the real flavors! Family game nights with homemade pizza are even better with delicate, whole-milk “Fior di Latte,” or fresh mozzarella made with Italian cultures instead of vinegar. Lasagna is transformed into a gooey, melty delight with bold and buttery, pear-shaped Scamorza. Getting tired of the same old sandwich? Their smoked Provolone is just what you need. Hung to age for at least a month, this Sicilian tradition adds depth of flavor to transform the everyday to the best day ever. Their award-winning cheese collection is filled with cheeses designed to help make feeding a family something to treasure.

Ferndale Farmstead is one of our favorite local cheesemakers and dairy farms. They’ve proven in the past that they care about their fellow Washingtonians and love nothing more than crafting the most delicious cheese they can and sharing it with as many of their neighbors as they can.