Draper Valley Farms:
Home of the Skagit Red

Draper Valley’s Northwest roots reach back to 1935, when it was a family-owned egg farm in the Skagit Valley.

A lot has changed in the decades since, most notably a focus on practices such as air chilling, free range and organic chickens, along with sustainable farming. And now Draper Farms are a collection of family-owned ranches in Washington and Oregon – from Lynden to the north to Oregon City to the south.

Skagit Reds Exclusive to T&C Markets

Draper Valley Farms produces Roxy Organic and Ranger Free-Range chickens and, as of March 2019, the Skagit Red. The Skagit Reds, raised just for our markets, are a heritage breed, non-GMO, humanely raised and air chilled. They earned a Step 5 rating from the Global Animal Partnership. Draper is raising 5,000 chickens in a barn that typically houses 22,000 birds. They have 24-hour access to the outdoors and can roost inside or out.

Both the Roxy Organic and Ranger Free-Range chickens are raised free range on Northwest farms and fed Non-GMO Project Verified, vegetarian food grown in Washington.  Roxy chickens are fed organic food - the only difference between the two.

The farms are Salmon Safe certified, meaning the farmers have adopted practices that protect water quality, maintain watershed health and restore habitat.

During processing, the chickens are air chilled, meaning that rather than being immersed in cold water, they are placed in temperature-controlled chambers and chilled with purified air. This method helps retain pure chicken flavor, and they cook more quickly than those processed with water. Finally, before heading to our markets, they are packaged in 100 percent recyclable trays. And we always sell them fresh - never frozen.

Summed up, Draper Valley chickens are well-cared for resulting in old-fashioned chicken flavor, while preserving the environment and supporting local farmers.