DeGoede Brothers

John and Henry DeGoede immigrated to Washington from Holland in 1948, bringing with them skills for growing beautiful and vigorous flowering plants.

Today, their sons Phil and Paul run the business they began, specializing in poinsettias, fuchsia and other hanging baskets and bedding plants - both perennials and annuals.

They’re growing year-‘round in Sumner with more than 270,000 square feet of growing area under cover, and 160,000 square feet outdoors. They've also got 45,000 additional square feet of cold frames to harden off their premium annuals in the spring.

"We’ve been sourcing our flowers from the DeGoede brothers for decades now,” said Melanie Cherry, our Floral Specialist. “I can’t tell you how reliable they are. We can always count on them to provide the freshest, most beautiful plants, even if we run short on a floral variety on a busy day like Mother’s Day. They’ll provide a brand-new delivery, no matter what it takes, so we always have the best for our customers."

You’ll see DeGoede Brothers products in our stores just about every month of the year – from hanging baskets to fall perennials and the cabbage and kale planters they designed just for us for the fall. The year peaks with their glorious poinsettias that dress up our stores, and your homes, for the holidays.

In 2018, DeGoede Brothers celebrated 50 years of living out their philosophy of “Customer Service and Satisfaction,” and we like that philosophy! We’ve enjoyed a long relationship with these growers, and trust them to always produce the highest quality plants available.