CB’s Nuts

It all started with a baseball game and a bag of nuts.

Clark Bowen discovered his love for freshly roasted peanuts at a Seattle Mariners vs. Baltimore Orioles game in Baltimore, Md. When he returned to his Puget Sound home, he set out on a journey to perfect the art of roasting peanuts while focusing on high quality and low environmental impact.

He hit the mark and CB’s Nuts of Kingston was born - offering what peanuts are supposed to taste like, rather than being assaulted by salt! We are proud to have been the first wholesale customer for this nut-roasting enterprise in February 2006 at Central Market Poulsbo.

Clark and his wife, Tami, developed a process that is all their own. First they brine the nuts in a large vat. Salt water is pushed through the shells and then vacuumed out, leaving only the salt behind. The nuts are then completely dried so they will roast properly. This process brings out the flavor potential of each and every nut. Customers rave about how they do not run across bitter nuts like other brands.

All the nuts, with the expectation of cashews, are grown in the United States.  When they are available, the couple prefers to use organic nuts. But for some varieties, like peanuts, the organic product is not available.

“We have a pesticide screen done on our nuts,” Clark says. “I feed the peanut butter to my children daily and I want to bring the healthiest product we can to the market.”

In addition to their popular in-shell nuts (Clark’s personal favorite), the company also sells almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds. They also offer fresh-ground peanut butter that is made from nothing but peanuts. It can be purchased in jars through CB’s or you can grind it yourself at our Markets. The Bowens have even come up with a custom grind they call “creamunchy” that they think is the perfect middle ground between smooth and crunchy.

The Bowens have partnered with Stahlbush Island Farms in Corvallis, Ore., to bring local, organic pumpkin seeds to their customers. Stahlbush Island Farms grows Styrian pumpkins, an Austrian variety that uses less water and is more environmentally friendly to shell than traditional pumpkin seeds. CB’s commitment to delicious, healthy, and responsible food is clear in every one of their products, which we are proud to carry in our stores.