Bruce Gore

Bruce Gore of Bainbridge Island created the innovative harvesting and processing methods that set the standard – still – for quality, freshness and traceability when it comes to fresh fish.  He began by selling wild troll-caught salmon from southeast Alaska in 1978.

Gore founded Triad Fisheries that same year, which continues to be the industry leader in delivering award-winning seafood, earning much of its reputation through its Bruce Gore label of troll-caught wild Alaskan salmon.

“From hook to table, we remain committed to the strict quality and sustainability standards first introduced by Bruce Gore,” said Mark Tupper, president of Triad Fisheries. "The process begins with minimizing stress on the salmon by troll catching them on a line at low speeds. They are then immediately cleaned, processed, and frozen onboard within minutes of being caught. Each fish is also individually hand-dipped in fresh seawater to create a protective glaze, and finally tagged to ensure its traceability. The result is a premium salmon sought worldwide for its consistent quality, lustrous appearance, firm flesh, and impeccably clean taste."

Each fish is caught by hook and line (swimming naturally allows lactic acid to metabolize rather than be present when the fish is killed, and subsequently, eaten). They’re humanely stunned in the water and gently brought immediately to the dressing table where the way they’re processed produces a blood-free, stress-free product with zero bruising.

They’re then frozen on board to at least -30˚F within 90 minutes of capture for absolute freshness and maximum shelf life. After freezing, fishermen hand-dip the fish in fresh water to create a protective glaze to ward off dehydration.

Bruce’s methods also stress stringent onboard sanitation and zero chemical additives. A tracking number is assigned to each fish for 100% traceability – resulting in an unmatched level of safety and year-round consistency.

Since 1978, Triad Fisheries has grown from just one fishing vessel to a fleet of nearly two dozen. Seattle Magazine featured the company in its annual list of the top 50 most powerful players in the local food scene. Bruce is as an onboard consultant for Triad to this day.

We are pleased to offer Bruce Gore’s coho, king, pink and chum salmon from a truly sustainable fishery – southeast Alaska.

“Alaska has intrinsically the highest-quality, highest-valued, best-eating natural salmon on the planet. If the methods employed in catching and processing this salmon are based on recognizing and preserving that reality, the fish will come to the consumer like a gift from God,” Bruce Gore once stated.

You can find Bruce Gore frozen salmon from about mid October to early May, and Bruce Gore frozen halibut from early November to early March, in all our stores.

Just as with salmon, the halibut are processed gently, quickly and with complete traceability. Long-line caught from Southeast Alaskan waters, of course!