Brian McWhorter

Brian McWhorter’s crops reach deep into the roots of our company’s history.

Brian was one of our first local providers of organic produce, and now provides us with organic produce grown on several acres on Bainbridge Island, including crops grown on land once farmed by one of the families who founded and continue to lead our company.

After earning a degree in biology and helping to establish the influential organic farming movement in Oregon in the 1970s, Brian moved to Bainbridge Island to farm in the mid-80s. Shortly after, while shopping at Town & Country Market on the island, he struck up a conversation with produce clerk Margaret Clark. Margaret was developing the first organic produce department in our company, and Brian was one of the few organic growers in the area. They agreed that the store would sell some of Brian’s produce, thus beginning an alliance between farmer and grocer that has spanned more than two decades.

The partnership deepened a few years ago when Brian began to grow crops on property where the Nakata family farmed strawberries and vegetables in the 20s and 30s. The produce from this land – called MiddleField Farm – is sold in our stores. See our profile on Middlefield Farm for more information.