August 11, 2017

They’re Here! They’re Here!
Time to Roast Your Hatches

Hatch Chilies are here and we will be roasting at nearly all our markets this weekend and next. We have the variety that made the Hatch chile pepper famous!

The “Big Jim” variety is a medium-hot chile (just about the perfect heat for me) and it is the one that started the craze. Many growers have stopped growing the Big Jim because the yield per acre is less than other varieties grown in Hatch, N.M. So we ask our partner to grow it specifically for us. It did cost a couple bucks more but we feel it was well worth it.

We’ll also have “Crazy 88” from New Mexico. This is a hot chile, which is also very popular with those who like to take the heat up a notch. Our Central Markets in Poulsbo and Mill Creek will be roasting chiles from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 12; Sunday, Aug. 13; and Saturday, Aug. 19.

 Central Market Shoreline will roast Hatch chiles from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 19, and Sunday, Aug. 20. Town & Country Market Lakemont will roast 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 19.

We ask that you pre-purchase your chiles inside the market. Just let the cashier know how many cases of Medium or Hot chile peppers you want roasted and then bring your receipt out front to have them roasted while you wait. The markets will be roasting only in full 25-lb. case quantities. We’re sorry, but because of high demand for these peppers, it’s not feasible to roast at the markets in smaller quantities.

But for those of you who want a smaller portion of these famous chiles, we’ll have one-pound bags of freshly roasted hatch chiles available in the markets.  Unfortunately, the actual bag supply is very limited. But our vendor is working out the glitches in his new packing line. As with all new equipment, it takes some time to work out the bugs. So far it looks like Saturday morning we are going to get about 20 percent of what we thought we would need for the coming weekend.

The only consolation is that we are going to Get will be freshly roasted and bagged by our vendor/ grower Los Roast Company. Nothing added – just great-tasting Hatch chile peppers.

Just a couple other gems in the markets this week. Northwest cherries are still available and taste great. Great year – considering that last year, cherries were all done by Aug. 5. Grower Nate Perkins in Chelan said he thinks we may actually still have two weeks left this year. So enjoy while you can.

The first of the giant size Keitt mangos arrive this coming week. Personally I think this is the best variety of the year. They are big, meaty and creamy like a tropical custard.

We are now into the best varieties in seedless grapes of the season as well. They are big, crispy and sweet. Also available in certified organic.

The Turlock variety melons are better than ever. The Sharlyn, Orange Honeydew and Tuscan are my favorites. But don’t wait too long … these will wind down quickly as we move toward Labor Day.

Lastly, a new crop  of Northwest apples and pears are just around the corner. We expect Gala and Honeycrisp to arrive just before the Labor Day holiday this year. More varieties will be added each week through the month of September.

Have a great week! Joe

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