August 30, 2012

The Good & Bad News
for Fall Fresh Produce

(Posted Aug. 30, 2012)

Fall is falling fast these days. There’s lots of good news around that – apples, pears, raspberries and blackberries, pumpkins, squash, figs, beets, leeks, potatoes and mushrooms, to name a few (or 10).

But first the bad news – just to get it out of the way. This will be the last week for red sweet cherries. We expect to run out any day now and that will be it for the 2012 Northwest cherry season. It has been an excellent year! Sadly, Northwest blueberries are all but done. We’ll still get a few freshly picked from Sakuma Brothers Farm in Mt. Vernon but expect the supply to wind down fast. There are other brands out there, but most of these are now fruit that has been in storage. It’s been a great year for Northwest blueberries, so I hope you managed to freeze some!

Good (Fresh) News Galore!

On a more positive note, new-crop Gala apples are now out on our Produce Market tables – take your choice of conventionally or organically grown. The long-awaited Northwest Honeycrisp apple arrives in stores this coming week. The supply is pretty limited here at the beginning, but we expect harvest production to pick up over the next couple of weeks. Watch for value opportunities in the coming weeks.

Bartlett pears continue to pick up as we move into September. We have 28-pound cartons available at $14.98 for those canners out there (and canning supplies in the grocery aisle)!

One of the latest to arrive from the pear family is the “Red Starkrimson” – named for its brilliant crimson color. It is great eaten fresh with it’s mild, sweet flavor and subtle floral aroma.

Sterino Farms’ fall variety red raspberries and blackberries are poised to start this week. Weather permitting, I’m hoping we get the kind of volume that will let me offer some special savings the week of Sept. 12. Keep an eye out!


Pumpkins are Promising (and Pink?)

I visited Jake Sterino last week to check out the pumpkin crop and I’m happy to report that it looks like another excellent year for pumpkins! Some have even started to turn color already.

This year we will have all the varieties we have had in the past, which include Jack-O-Lantern, White Ghost, Sugar Pie, Knuckleheads, Cinderella, Wee-Be-Little, Mini Orange, Mini White, Tiger Stripe and Long Island Cheese. This year we are adding a pink pumpkin! For every pink pumpkin Jake sells this year, he will donate 25 cents to breast Cancer research.

Squash, Figs and Miscellaneous Freshness

New-crop Northwest winter hard squashes are just starting to arrive. The first are the Acorn, Spaghetti and Butternut varieties. Look for several more varieties to arrive in the coming weeks

Fresh figs this week!!! We have the Black Mission, Brown Turkey and Green Kadota varieties available. We also have choices available in organically grown fresh figs.

We do our best to feature organically grown items throughout the entire year, but for this time of year we are stepping up our focus on Northwest organically grown items. Just a few  to  start looking for on Wednesday, Sept. 5, from Ralph’s Green House Farm in Mt. Vernon are:

  • Bunched red or gold beets
  • Leeks
  • Variety baby red or Yukon potatoes
  • Variety fingerling potatoes


Look for a lot more Northwest organic product in the coming weeks.

Finally, chanterelle mushrooms are just starting to trickle in … with a little more moisture, we should see supply increase and prices fall. That’s always good news, right?

Have a great day! 

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