April 29, 2014

Ready for Mom’s Day
from Floral to Produce

Let’s start with “What’s for Mom?” in our Flower Shops.

I hope this isn’t news to you, but Mother’s Day is May 11 (plenty of time!). Our Flower shops just received a wide assortment of really gorgeous fuchsia and “Mixed Color” hanging baskets from DeGoede Brothers in Sumner, Wash.

All baskets are tried and true and 100 percent Northwest grown from this longtime trusted growing partner (they provide our poinsettias during the holidays). All our hanging baskets are grown in the larger 12- to 14-inch pots to better support the plants through the summer months with a greater volume of soil than in the standard 10-inch pots.

Our Markets in Kitsap County also will have baskets from Sally at Blue Star Nursery in Poulsbo.

Keep in mind that, as a general rule, you’ll want fuchsias for shady spots and the mixed color for sunny spots.  If you’re not sure, or you want some tips on keeping it alive and thriving, ask one of our knowledgeable Floral team members – they’re glad to help. We also have a wide selection of “color bowls” and cut flowers. You can create your own bouquet, ask us to create something just for you and your mom, or select from the many hand-made bouquets we’ve put together.

Washington Asparagus

Meanwhile, back in the Produce Markets, the menu is topped with Washington-grown asparagus.  As always, the early spring asparagus from any region has the best flavor and Mother’s Day is falling at just the right time.

We will have a great selection of organic and conventionally grown strawberries, blueberries and red raspberries, as well.

Corn, Watermelon and Onions

Mother’s Day isn’t the only occasion in May – it’s also the kickoff for grilling season. Now that the white G&S Farms sweet corn has arrived (see my last post), we should have the bi-color and yellow by this weekend. Personally my favorite is the bi-color variety, but all three colors do have their own unique flavor. I encourage you to try all three (and rest assured, our sweet corn is NOT GMO or GEO. For more information, see the last bit of a post I wrote July 9 last year)!

We are picking up the first Pasque-brand seedless watermelons from Arizona as we speak. These melons will arrive in our Markets just in time for the weekend.

The Texas “1015” sweet onions (so named because the experimental seeds were planted Oct. 15, which remains the recommended planting date in Texas) are already here and Georgia Vidalia onions will be in the Markets Monday, May 5 (just in time if you’re planning to grill a Mother’s Day dinner – get the theme?).

Peaches and Nectarines

We have decided to take a look at some of the early summer peaches and nectarines. Historically, we’ve waited until later in the month of May to bring them in. But this year, the season is off to an early start, by as much as three week by some forecasts. And we want to do our best to support our partner growers in California early this year as we do not yet know the impact of Central California’s severe drought. That will play out over the next several months. If conditions do not improve we may see impacts for years to come.

Two varieties of apricots arrive the week of May 5—the Yellow Flavorella and the Red Velvet. If you haven’t tried the Red Velvet yet, you should. And don’t wait – it’s rarely available for longer than two weeks.

Last but not least we have looked at a few early variety cherries from California and have decided to sit it out for another week or more. The fruit we’ve seen simply isn’t of the size and eating quality we want to offer. We do expect some better fruit to show up in the near future!

Have great week and don’t forget about Mom!


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