September 17, 2012

NW Apples & Pears Coming in Strong – Weekly!

(Sept. 17, 2012) New varieties of Northwest apples arrive each week these days.

We just added organic Fuji and Honeycrisp apples, and expect organic Granny Smiths to arrive next week, sometime after Sept. 24. In the conventional apple category, we now have new-crop Golden Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp and Akane (pictured below). Used mostly for cooking, Akanes are a cross between Jonathons and Worcester Pearmins and are somewhat tart – they make excellent dessert apples and since they don’t store all that well, enjoy them early!

We expect Cameo and Jonagold apples to arrive the week of Sept. 24, followed by Braeburn during the first week in October. We have elected to wait a week or two for the Red Delicious just to be sure they’re truly ready – they can have a starchy flavor if harvested too early. MacIntosh are still a few weeks away. For the time being, the Akane apples provide a good substitute for Macintosh.

The Northwest pears continue to arrive, as well. For this next week we will have Bartlett, D’Anjou, Red Starkrimson, Bosc, Comice and Asian Pears to choose from. As we move into late September, look for better values in pears!

This is the Week for Blackberry Jamming

Sterino Farms’ fall variety red raspberries are coming in but seem to be off to a slow start. On the other hand, the blackberries have finally picked up and we’re able to offer them at an excellent value starting Wednesday, Sept. 19. If you’re a jammer, now is a good time to get your blackberries!







Pumpkins, Squashes, Figs and Dates

I visited Jake Sterino again last week to check out his pumpkin crop – I am happy to report that we are on track. Displays will go up in all our stores during the week of Sept. 25. Our goal is to offer the widest selection of pumpkins in the Northwest!!!

New-crop Northwest Winter hard squashes are here with up to 15 varieties to choose from between organically grown and conventionally grown. We also have a few varieties that are grown on Middlefield Farm on Bainbridge Island. The supply is limited from this farm, so all our stores may not have them at times.

We have fresh figs on promotion again this week! This year’s crop is winding down fast due to the extreme heat that went through the orchards during late August. This season could end without warning.

New-crop, organically grown Medjool dates arrive this week, available in one-pound containers at $7.98 each. Note that the Medjool date is one of the largest varieties and is meant for eating out of hand or try splitting in half and stuffing with your favorite creamy blue cheese – there’s nothing like a freshly harvested Medjool date. Or how about bacon, olives and dates? Try our recipe for Stuffed Dates


One Good Rain for the Chanterelles, Please

Chanterelle mushrooms continue to pick up from the coastal areas where there is a little more moisture in the air. Our retail prices continue to drop as our costs drop. Just a couple of good rains and we should see the kind of volume that will let us offer great bargains on this golden, trumpet-shaped, nutty flavored mushroom.

Choose them when they’re plump and spongy. Use them in our London Broil with Herbed Mushrooms.

Pre-Order Your Wine Grapes Now

Wine grapes are available, although you have to be “on it” to take advantage of this time-sensitive product. We’ll have several varieties available throughout the harvest season. We can offer them only in full cases, pre-ordered, to ensure they’re harvested at their peak, and with the best cost. Each variety is only available for a few short days because wine grapes are watched very closely and picked on the day they’re at their peak of flavor and sugar. And then they’re done. If you’re a wine maker and are interested, please check with the manager of the Produce Market at your store for varietal availability and cost. Not all varieties are available at the same time! This wine grape season is expected to be short and sweet.

And another favorite grape, Northwest-grown Concord, arrive in the stores this coming week! 

Have a great day! 

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