November 13, 2019

No-Can Cranberries,
our Favorite Turkey,
plus Gravy and Sides

Copywriter Chris Allen

It’s back! Our absolute favorite turkey – Diestel – at the rock-bottom price of $3.99 lb. We believe in offering high-quality meal choices whenever possible, and if you want a great-tasting, juicy, organic turkey for your family and friends, this is the one.

Not only is it delicious, but we’re huge fans of the Diestel family’s “value over volume” philosophy. For 70 years, Diestel has been slow-growing their birds on their family farms with a 100% vegetarian diet.

A beautifully roasted turkey on a platter with Rosemary and lemonsThey’re also big-time participants in the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) program, which certifies only the highest-quality animal husbandry standards. Each step in the program represents a lot of work, but to complete four out of five steps, like Diestel has done, is a remarkable accomplishment and significant investment in both time and money.

This is a fourth-generation, sustainably operated ranch on 400 acres in Sonora, Calif. Their family story and vision are pretty compelling.

Eight members of the Diestel family spanning three generations

The Diestel family

In 2018, Diestel also released the results of a USDA double-verification process, verifying to us that absolutely no traces of antibiotics, pharmaceuticals or added hormones are swimming around in these turkeys.

All of this to say that, at $3.99 lb. in our markets, this is fantastic deal in both premium quality and flavor that we invite you to share. Time to sharpen that carving knife!

Which reminds me … if you’re a carving novice, check out our How to Carve a Turkey video and then sharpen your knives along with your skills!

Or if you want to enjoy a Diestel turkey but wouldn’t mind if someone else did the cooking, check our complete turkey meal from the Deli.

We’ve Got Your Sides Right Here – Step Right Up!

Are you the head chef in your family? Prepping a big, beautiful bird for Thanksgiving can take a lot of time and energy. Why not let the food experts in our Delis be your sous chefs? Our Own Stuffing Starter is a quick-but-tasty shortcut and our menu of delicious side dishes is more stuffed than your turkey will be Thanksgiving Day.

Our Own Stuffing and Stuffing Starter Make Stuffing Faster

A bowl of cubed bread for stuffing into which a liquid is being poured.Locally made just for us, our Rustic Stuffing bread cubes are available in seasoned and unseasoned varieties, both using rustic breads and high-quality ingredients. Mix a bag of our Rustic Stuffing with Our Own Stuffing Starter – a savory mix of broth, veggies and herbs – and voila! Good-as-homemade stuffing is ready for your oven.
Although it’s versatile and tasty right out of the gate, it’s also a great flavor base that allows you to throw in whatever traditional ingredients you love to eat this time of year.

Time to Kick the Canned Cranberry Sauce for the Real Thing

We’ve all seen it. The strange, red, tube-shaped “thing,” sliced into little discs on the Thanksgiving table. It still has the ridges from the aluminum from which it escaped. Technically it’s made from cranberries. And while it may remind some of their youth, there is a better way to go.

Once you taste the bold and delicious flavor of Our Own Blood Orange-Cranberry Sauce from our Delis, whatever nostalgia you might have had for that canned cranberry will fade pretty quickly. Our culinary team has been tweaking this recipe for years to make it truly unique — wonderfully sweet, with a tart finish and a hint of allspice.

Also try it slathered on a hot ‘n’ juicy pulled pork sandwich; garnished over a perfectly seasoned pork roast; or served as a beautiful, ruby red jewel in your holiday party cheese plate poured over soft-ripened cheese, especially goat cheese.

Even More Sides Because it’s All About the Food, right?

For some people, there’s just not enough time in the day to make gravy from scratch. That’s why we’ve been perfecting Our Own Turkey Gravy recipe for a decade. Delicious flavor. Zero prep.

“That doesn’t mean you can’t add your own drippings, giblets, or whatever you want to make it yours,” says Cameron Maddy, our Culinary Menu Coordinator. “It’s quick, easy and prepped by experts. All of our holiday sides are made with the same high-quality ingredients you’d use yourself.”

Of course, there’s more to the Thanksgiving table than turkey, gravy and cranberry sauce. With the perfect balance of oil, salt and pepper, Our Own Brussels Sprouts recipe is so popular we can barely keep up with demand. Our Own Stuffing uses our custom-made Stuffing Starter (see above) that’s filled with bright, fresh herbs and locally made croutons.

With savory parsnips, rutabaga and carrots, Our Roasted Root-Veggie Blend is bursting with savory, late-autumn flavor that will please the veggie lovers and non-veggie lovers alike. Can I interest you in Our Own Bourbon Maple-Pecan Sweet Potatoes? We use locally crafted bourbon from Woodinville Whiskey Co. to give the pecans their incredible, smoky flavor.

Speaking of Woodinville, we partner with Northwest companies to produce most of our sides. Our other partners include Heritage Specialty Foods in Portland, An Xuyen Bakery in Seattle, and Michou Deli in Pike Place Market.

“I appreciate the quality of their work and the customer service we get from small local companies,” Cameron says. “We’re a small company, and we support other small companies. It’s the right thing to do.”

These are just a few of the delicious sides so we invite you to explore our fully stocked Delis at your nearest Central Market or Town & Country Market.


Cheese Corner

Our very own cheese whiz, Shauna Howell, offers up a cheese worth discovering.

Our Own Brie en Brioche: With the holidays fast approaching and the party invites already hitting the mailboxes, many of us feel a sense of dread thinking about all the appetizers we’ll have to prepare.

Solution! Just stop by our cheese shops and pick up one of our delicious Brie en Brioche. These petite, double-crème French Bries are enrobed in scratch-made brioche dough. Baked to a golden brown, there is a perfect little dome over each Brie where you can slice a space to slide some warm cranberry compote or olive tapenade. Cover and reheat in the oven and they’ll come out all buttery and gooey. Best of all, we’ve gift-wrapped them with rewarming instructions and a lovely bow. Voilà! Now you have a perfect gift for your host and a warm appetizer. They serve approximately six healthy slices or, as I like to say, “Perfect for me, what are you having?”  

Chris Allen is a copywriter and assistant marketer with Town & Country Markets. He’s a former contributing editor, radio anchor and producer, and an Air Force veteran. He’s also mastered the art of chopping red onions with one hand while sipping a dry Tempranillo in the other.

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