October 17, 2012

Here Comes the Rain –
and the Chanterelles

(Oct. 17, 2012) I think our Northwest fall has finally arrived now that we’re seeing some good, old-fashioned rain.  Love that cool, fresh air in the mornings.

The recent rain is expected to inspire the chanterelle mushrooms to finally start sprouting. Much of the forest lands where these beauties are harvested have been closed due to the extreme fire hazard caused by our record dry spell. Of course it didn’t matter much since the lack of rain was keeping those mushrooms from growing anyway!

Now that the statewide burn ban was been lifted over this past weekend, most timber company and forest lands have reopened to allow access for picking. Now all we need is a little time for the little guys to pop up. I anticipate opportunities to offer chanterelle mushrooms at a good value very soon, possibly for the week of Halloween.

Mixed Mushroom Soup is our Featured Recipe this week – complete with a picture, serving suggestions and tips from our culinary coordinator at the Poulsbo store. A great way to use these mushrooms for sure!

Local Berries are all but done. A few are still trickling in, but I think we will be calling it a day by the end of the week. We do have a new variety strawberry from Well-Pict brand out of California that shows some promise for late fall production. Also new crop blueberries from Argentina are on the horizon and should arrive soon.

Our New Party Platters are Here!

Check out our new Fruit, Veggie and Black Bean Nacho party trays in Produce. Perfectly sized  for four to six people – if you’re having a larger get together you can always buy two, serve one and keep the other cold until you need it.  All sell for less than $10!

The new fruit tray comes with an excellent lemon yogurt dip while the veggie tray has a ranch dressing dip that actually tastes good.

The one I like is the Black Bean Nacho Dip! This is a  layered dip made with a base of “Better Beans” brand black beans with just the right amount of serrano and habanero peppers to give it character, topped with guacamole, sour cream and cheddar cheese garnished with roma tomatoes and onions. It also comes with a generous serving of our own pico de gallo. I like to sprinkle the pico over the tray when serving. Just a bag of your favorite chips and you are set for the football game(s)!

A new crop of in-the-shell holiday nuts are set to arrive this coming week. We will have walnuts, filberts, almonds and brazil nuts. Chestnuts will arrive the first week of November.

Have a great day!

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