Grilled Vegetable Guide

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  • Vegetables! Drizzle these with olive oil and pepper and place on a medium-high grill. Add salt after grilling, unless noted.


Asparagus:  Trim tough ends; grill all sides; 4 minutes

Avocados (firm, ripe):  Cut in half, remove pit; grill on cut side; 4-6 minutes

Bell Peppers: Wash, cut in half, remove stem and seeds and cut in half again; grill all sides; 8-10 minutes

Corn: Shuck and remove silk, sprinkle with salt and pepper or favorite seasoning blend; grill all sides; 6-8 minutes

Eggplant: Slice in either direction; grill all sides; 4-6 minutes per side

Fennel: Remove stalks, cut in half; grill all sides; 6-8 minutes per side

Onions: Cut off top, peel, cut in quarters - just into root so root end holds quarters together; grill all sides; 3-6 minutes per side

Baby Potatoes: Cook in salted boiling water until just tender; grill on skewers or grill pan; 4-6 minutes

Portabella: Remove stem, scrape out gills; 4-6 minutes per side

Roma Tomatoes: Cut in half ; grill on cut side; 4-6 minutes

Hearts of Romaine: Cut in half lengthwise through the root end so leaves stay intact; grill on the cut side; 4 minutes

Zucchini: Don't trim ends - cut in half or into strips; grill all sides; 6-8 minutes (halves) or 4-6 minutes (strips)

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