We Are All In

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Work

We are all in – meaning we are committed to being a diverse, inclusive, equitable and visibly anti-racist company.

In 2016, Town & Country Markets began a journey as a community to educate ourselves and discover what we needed to change. We articulated this effort and added it to our list of core values – values we are committed to live, not just type. That value, now dubbed  “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion,” motivated us to turn to a global diversity and inclusion consulting firm, The Winters Group, to help guide us on this journey.

In the spring of 2020, as the nation reeled in the wake of George’s Floyd’s death and the ensuing protests for racial justice, we renewed our commitment.  We are actively engaged in the identification, acknowledgement, dismantling and eradication of systemic and individual bigotry, prejudices, and discrimination in our company.

What We’ve Done So Far

We formed an “All In” committee of 12 people, from our CEO to market and corporate support staff, to ensure the momentum behind this work is maintained and that we’re developing tangible actions to be a visibly anti-racist company.
We’ve committed to standing up and speaking out against any racist actions we become aware of in the communities we serve.
We looked to the T&C Recipe – Food, People, Love – to inform how we connect with others. The Recipe compels us to be empathetic and action-oriented towards the well-being of our community.
We identified our community as our customers, leadership team, employees, vendor partners, market neighbors, and everyone we touch through our communications and business.
We created a process for removing products from our shelves if they exhibit language or images that are hurtful to marginalized groups or that further harmful stereotypes. We try to support producers who make genuine efforts to remove those images/words.  See what products we’ve reviewed.

What We’re Working on Now

We have hired a full-time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Outreach Coordinator whose responsibilities will include work around how we find potential job applicants.
We are fostering new and nurturing our current relationships with Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPoC) vendors to foster diversity, equity, and culturally diverse foods.
Because the pandemic has prevented us from continuing our three-day, group sessions on bias and cultural competency, we are converting these workshops to online and requiring its completion by managers. We’re building a new workshop meant to develop managers as allies for our diversity, equity and inclusion.

What We’re Working on Next

Members of our leadership group will be pursuing “BIC Certification” (Bold, Inclusive Conversation) with The Winters Group based on the founder’s book “We Can’t Talk About That at Work!”
We will review our systems, policies and processes to remove barriers to BIPoC representation within the company and in leadership and identifying opportunities for equity for all employees.
We’ll take a look at our long list of ideas floated for furthering our efforts.

We are actively working to make T&C an effective and long-lasting ally and invite you to join us. We know we’ll have missteps on this journey, but that won’t deter us from our commitment. We believe in kaizen, our continual improvement to be better.  T&C is committed to equity, committed to transparency, committed to this cause and we will push forward with authenticity, integrity and courage. 

We will share more with you and want to hear from anyone interested in joining us on this journey.  You can contact us at customerservice@tc-markets.com

We are all in.

With appreciation,
Town & Country Markets

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