Our Core Values

The following seven paragraphs are the words we aspire to live by as an independent grocer doing business as Town & Country Markets. Rather than words on a poster in the breakroom, these are topics we focus on throughout the company in meetings and gatherings specifically intended to keep these core values close and present.


Being of service to all people is a principle upon which the Company was founded, and which is equally relevant today. It is rooted in caring about the well-being of our customers, business partners, communities and each other. Genuine service comes from the heart and reflects a person’s commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our legacy is rooted in creating environments in which all people feel welcome, empowered and appreciated. Our employees’ and customers’ diverse perspectives enrich and strengthen our Company culture and communities. Connecting with empathy and respect is a journey we take together as we seek equity in our policies and practices to nurture a sense of belonging for all.

People Working Together

Sharing our vision with others provides clarity of purpose and desired outcomes. Listening for people’s contributions with respect creates an environment of participation and collaboration. Sharing ideas and working together toward a common cause leads to the highest level of productivity. Through effective dialogue, ideas are turned into collective agreements, resulting in powerful action. Building a disciplined culture from a foundation of trust and self-accountability encourages creativity and individual expression. Teamwork is essential to our success and is the cornerstone of an empowered community.

Customer Centered

Being customer centered means placing the customer at the forefront of our decision making. More than providing service alone, we strive to be relevant and responsive to our customers’ evolving needs. We work to be conscious of our customers’ entire shopping and eating experiences and ensuring our markets are ready for business. Everyone in the Company, regardless of role, contributes to the desired result. 


Thoughtful consideration of environmental, social and fiscal impacts is critical to how we make decisions. We strive to minimize our ecological footprint, be of benefit to local and global communities, and sustain our success through wise fiscal management. As stewards, we consider how our actions today affect tomorrow’s generations. By educating ourselves, we can influence our families and communities.

Knowledge & Development

We provide opportunities for our people to learn, teach, and develop. Understanding our business, food culture and the products we sell is a responsibility we have to ourselves and our customers. Encouraging personal and professional development empowers our people, strengthens teams and nourishes our Company. Together, knowledge and development enable us to build meaningful relationships with our customers and each other.

Authenticity & Integrity

Being true to one’s self and acting with integrity are pathways to living a life of authenticity. Our firm desire is for our people to feel comfortable expressing their views openly and in sync with their own values, which adds meaning to the Company’s vision of “Nourishing the Quality of Life.” When actions align with values, they become an expression of authenticity and integrity.