Recycling Food Scraps into Organic Fertilizer

In February 2014, we installed a WISErg Harvester™ unit at our Central Market Mill Creek store.  WISErg, a bio-clean technology company, produces the Harvester, which converts food scraps into a material that can be refined into organic fertilizer using a completely natural process. The Harvester also can generate data to better manage inventory and control the loss associated with perishables.

The Harvester captures nutrients from food scraps before they become waste, stabilizing them until they can be transported to a WISErg facility where they are converted into a liquid fertilizer approved for organic food production.

Central Market Mill Creek generates 330 tons of organic waste each year, which is now going into the Harvester and processed into fertilizer. Companywide, Town & Country Markets already diverts more than 90 percent of its waste through composting, recycling and food bank donations – but we are committed to continuously improving our efforts. The Harvester will help us in this endeavor, and give us the added benefit of usable data that can pinpoint where we can reduce shrinkage, whether that is at the loading dock or behind the service counters.

“WISErg is partnering with growers, grocers, restaurateurs and companies with large corporate cafeterias to revolutionize recycling,” said Larry LeSueur, CEO, WISErg. “By looking at food scraps as a resource rather than waste, we can develop a virtual circle of food production and consumption via a closed loop within the food industry, taking us from grower to grocer to consumer and back to the grower in the form of organic fertilizer.  We’re pleased to have Central Markets join us in this effort.”

WISErg is headquartered in Redmond, WA.