This week's featured recipe and tips by:

Monique "Moe" Eveland

Culinary Resource Center Coordinator, Central Market Shoreline

Moe realized she liked cooking after spending her early adulthood on the road, working in restaurants and learning how to create tasty meals not from recipes, but from what was on hand. After putting down some roots, she graduated from Seattle Culinary Academy at Seattle Central Community College, and then worked for caterers, dabbled in running a specialty food company and even ran a crepe place for five years. Her favorite way of cooking is seeing what she can concoct from what’s in the pantry.  She became culinary coordinator at Central Market Shoreline in 2008.

This classically seasoned pulled pork is great for sandwiches, with a zippy coleslaw or creamy mac-and-cheese on the side. And, of course, your favorite beer.

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Basic Pulled Pork

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  • 2 1/2 pounds country-style boneless pork ribs, pork shoulder or pork butt pieces
  • Salt and black pepper and/or 2 tablespoons seasoning blend of your choice
  • 6-8 ounces liquid of choice, such as beer, whiskey, wine, broth, apple or tomato juice or flavored soda


Preheat oven to 425°F. Season meat liberally with salt and pepper or other seasoning and place on foil-lined sheet pan. Roast for 30 minutes until well browned.

Remove from oven and pour off fat from sheet pan. Pour liquid of choice into sheet pan and cover tightly with foil. Reduce temperature to 300°F, carefully return sheet pan to oven and cook for 1 1/2-2 hours until falling apart.

Remove foil, turn oven back up to 425 and roast for another 30 minutes, turning meat to brown as needed.

Add more liquid if pan becomes dry. Remove from oven and shred or chop, adding pan juices back to the meat.

 To cook in a crock pot, season the roast, brown it well on all sides in an oiled frying pan and cook with liquid on low 8-10 hours or until falling apart. Skim fat from liquid and reduce if desired. 

This shredded meat is great on its own or as an ingredient. Or smother meat with sauce and serve on a soft bun for the traditional pulled pork sandwich. Use barbecue sauce for a classic sandwich, or try salsa, teriyaki, or other world-foods-inspired sauces.
Recipe from Central Market Shoreline - Culinary Resource Center
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