Bulk Foods

You choose the quantity you want and use less packaging when you shop the hundreds of items offered in our Bulk Foods departments – including organic and whole-food choices. So it’s better for your budget, your pantry and the environment.

Bulk foods are, on average, 89 percent lower in price than packaged goods (according to a study by Portland State University’s Food Industry Leadership Council), and the foods are constantly rotated so are optimally fresh. It’s also a great way to discover new foods with minimal investment.

Here are some great tips on how to shop bulk from some bulk-buying veterans!


  • Spices, grains, flours, granolas, snacks, trail mixes, nuts, beans, rice, pasta and candy
  • Local specialty candies include Fran’s, Seattle Chocolates and truffles made just for us by Coastal Mist Chocolates
  • Pour-your-own oils, maple syrup, honey and other liquids
  • Grind-your-own nut butters

Our clear bins make it easy to select what you want, scoop it into bags in the quantity you need and mark the tie with the bin number. It’s a great way to try recipes without having to invest in a large quantity of a spice or ingredient you don’t typically have around until you know if you like the recipe!

Keep reading for information on our Herbs and Spices, Granola, Snack and Trail Mixes, as well as our bulk honey and nut butter offerings.

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