Central Café

5:30 am-8 pm Monday-Saturday

7 am-8 pm Sunday


Central Café isn’t known just for serving Equal Exchange fairly traded organic coffee and tea, or its great service – it’s also a breakfast destination.
The place is known for its tasty rendition of that stalwart southern tradition known as “Biscuits and Gravy.” The sausage gravy (25 gallons a week!) is made at the store, using sausage that has been ground and seasoned in our Meat Market.
There is seating for a couple dozen people in Central Café, along with a toaster oven and microwave. So even if you’re not in the mood for biscuits and gravy, you can sit down to a meal of hot, fresh oatmeal, or a couple of varieties of breakfast bagels.
Serving fairly traded Equal Exchange coffees and teas, Central Café uses all organic milk – with your choice of dairy, soy or rice milk. Self-serve drip coffee is available in four sizes, ranging in price from $1.29 to $1.99 – with one free refill.
Central Café also offers pastries, muffins and cookies, and even beverage-related housewares like water bottles, mugs and commuter cups.
The café composts nearly 100 percent of its waste – they’re working on replacing a few more items with compostable alternatives so they can reach their goal of 100 percent.


Biscuits & Gravy

(Served until 11 am Monday-Friday, until 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays)

1/2 Order: $3.29 (w/ coffee $3.99)

Full Order: $4.79 (w/ coffee $5.59)

Breakfast Burritos

1/2 Order: $2.99 (w/ coffee $3.79)

Full Order: $3.99 (w/ coffee $4.79)

Other Breakfast Options

Bagels: 99¢ (w/ cream cheese $1.59)

Specialty Bagels: $1.59 (w/ cream cheese $2.19)

Home-style Oatmeal: 8 oz. $1.99, 16 oz. $3.49


These drinks are available in 8-, 12-, 16- and 20-ounce sizes:

  • Latté or Cappuccino – $2.29, $2.49, $3.19, $3.69
  • Mocha (made with real Hershey’s Chocolate) -  $2.79, $2.99, $3.79, $4.29
  • Steamers  (steamed milk with your choice of flavor) - $1.99, $2.39, $2.69, $2.99
  • London Fog (a steamer with your choice of tea and flavor) - $2.79, $2.89, $3.19, $3.49
  • Hot Chocolate (made with Organic Valley milk and real Hershey’s Chocolate) -  $1.99, $2.69, $2.99, $3.29
  • Chai Latte (made with Oregon Chai and organic milk) -  $2.59, $2.79, $3.49,   $4.09
  • Breve - $2.89, $3.09, $3.79, $4.29
  • Good old-fashioned, fresh-brewed drip coffee also is available (and the first refill is on the house) –  $1.29, $1.49, $1.79,   $1.99


Also offered are:

Americanos ($1.39 single; $1.79 double, $2.29 triple and $2.69)
Blended Big Train (a frozen coffee drink, $3.29)
Central Frost – our own frozen espresso  drink ($2.99).

Non-coffee drinks include:

Equal Exchange Organic Tea ($1.99 any size, with one teabag)
Country Mills fresh, hot-spiced cider ($2.09, $ 2.59, $2.79, $3.29)
Fruit Smoothies ($3.79 – add Whey, Supergreen or soy for 99 cents)
Italian Cream Soda ($2.99, sparkling soda mixed with your choice of flavor and topped with cream and whipped cream).

Customize your drink by choosing soy or rice milk (59 cents), adding a flavor  (49 cents), making it a breve (59 cents), or adding a teabag (49 cents) or a specialty chocolate (79 cents).

Seasonal drinks include Eggnog Latte, Hot Buttered Latte and Peppermint Mocha.