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Kitsap Pharmacy
9 am-9 pm Mon-Fri
9 am-6 pm Sat | 10 am-6 pm Sun

Sushi Ko
6 am - 8 pm Daily

Columbia Bank
9 am - 6 pm Mon-Fri
10 am - 2 pm Saturdays

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Store Director
Tom Hall
Tom Hall is never far from fresh food. When he leaves Central Market Poulsbo, where he has been store director since the mid-1990s, he’s likely headed to his 2.5-acre Poulsbo farm where he grows strawberries, blueberries and raspberries in a fruit garden; figs, apples, peaches and cherries in a small orchard; and a variety of vegetables in two separate gardens.  That’s what planting 1,300 Christmas...

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Welcome to Central Market Poulsbo

Central Market Poulsbo is open 24 hours a day.

The check stands at Central Market Poulsbo.

Fresh tortillas roll right off this machine most days at Central.

Holiday News

The store remains open on Thanksgiving Day.

Central Pizza, Kitsap Pharmacy, the Culinary kiosk, Hot Grill and BBQ Central will be closed.
Service desks in Bakery, Meat, Seafood, Sushi, Bulk, Health and Beauty Care, Central Cafe and Floral will close at 4 pm.

Turkeys: We have three turkeys to choose from-Free-Range Diestel, Northwest Natural and Heidi’s Organic Hens. To order yours, call our Meat Department at 360.394.7221. For tips on how much to buy, how to prep, brining and cooking times, see our Turkey Guide.

Let Someone Else Cook: For full, pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinners for 6-8 people, see the descriptions of our Turkey Dinner and our Ham Dinner.  Or cook your own bird and get your sides from our Deli.

Pies and More: See what our Holiday Bakery has to offer for your desserts and sweets.

Centerpieces: Our Flower Shops make beautiful custom centerpieces.

Parties: Our Simple Party Foods is a great appetizer, cocktail and cheese/wine pairings guide for holiday parties.