Hop This Way
for Easter Butter Cookies

Made by our bakers – Only until April 24!

Our Central Market Poulsbo bakers are cooking up batches of our special Kerrygold Butter Cookies, using Kerrygold Irish butter, for all our markets.

We started making these delicious cookies more than five years ago – and they’re back again by popular demand.

You can taste the difference that butter from the rich green pastures of Ireland can make. This classic cookie uses Shepherd’s Grain flour – flour from family farms with a no-till, crop-rotation philosophy certified by the Food Alliance. Our bakers make a cookie log and roll it in colorful sprinkles from Market Spice. These sugars are available in our Bulk Foods and one of our favorite products we receive direct from Pike Place Market. All of that makes for round, flaky and tasty cookies with sweet sparkly edges for the advent of spring and the Easter holiday. Sold in packs of 12.

These wonderful cookies will be available

until April 24 only – get them while they last!