Draper Valley Farms

All Draper Valley chickens – whether sold under the Draper Valley Farms or Ranger labels – are raised in spacious, open-air barns on family-owned ranches in Washington and Oregon – from Lynden to the north to Oregon City to the south.

The chickens are fed only 100% vegetarian feed and never receive antibiotics, hormones or preservatives.

These chickens are kept healthy by focusing on good practices such as more growing space per bird, reduced stress and proper sanitation. All the birds have access to fresh water and feed.

Upon maturity, the chickens are delivered to Draper Valley’s facility in Mount Vernon for processing, and arrive fresh – never frozen – in our Markets very soon after.

These birds have excellent flavor because they are fed good food made with corn and soy at Draper Valley’s mill in Chehalis, WA. It’s what some of us might think of as “old-fashioned chicken flavor.” This is what chicken is supposed to taste like.

Draper Valley Farms was founded by Joseph Koplowitz who moved to Whatcom County from Draper, UT, in 1935 and set up an egg farm. When he died in the mid-‘50s, his sons took over the business and now his grandson Rick Koplowitz runs the company.

The company is committed to sustainable farming methods, and focuses on recycling and conservation of water and energy.

Draper Valley Farms also provides us with Ranger Free-Range chickens.

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