Sumo Mandarins
Arrive Tomorrow!

Great news! Sumo mandarins arrive in the markets tomorrow (Feb. 20)! It hasn’t been an easy feat – a bad freeze that hit California’s citrus-growing areas in December resulted in a 30 percent loss of fruit due to frost damage.  This is placing even more demand on an already limited supply of fruit, so growers are carefully arranging distribution. This is a great example of why we establish partnerships with our growers – because of our relationship with this farm over the past few years, we will get our fair share of fruit. The other good news is that even though the frost caused damage, cold weather is actually good for flavor in citrus crops. So although the season may be short this year, it will be sweet! Sumos are virtually seedless, easy to peel and full of flavor.

We are expecting our first arrivals of the new blueberry crop from the Mexican farm of Family Tree Farms. You might ask: ‘Why Mexico?’ This move from Chile to Mexico is only possible because of Dave Jackson of Family Tree Farms of California. Five years ago, Dave seized an opportunity to produce his proprietary blueberry varieties on 250 acres in an area of Mexico with pristine water. Each variety is selected for its large sizes and crisp, sweet flavor.

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Arrive Tomorrow!

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    Thank you so much for the information. What a joy to shop at Town & Country.

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