Rosés Finally Get
the Respect Deserved

When I first got into the beer and wine business, back in the late ‘90s, grunge music was being shown the door. Energy drinks had just started popping up. Dot-coms were on the very brink of the bubble bursting.  And Rosé wines were trying to get some respect.

I’m not talking about the sweet pink wines – like White Zinfandels – people have long associated with these wines. I’m referring to true dry Rosés, which get their color from the grape skins, but not enough to qualify them as red wines. Many claim it is the oldest known type of wine.

While I think White Zinfandel did a lot of good turning a whole new generation of people into wine drinkers, it unfortunately vilified a style of wine and created a lot of confusion. I can’t count the number of times people have turned up their noses at my suggestion of Rosé.  “Oh no, that’s too sweet,” was the response I would consistently get.  So when you talk about trends, it’s been the slowest to evolve and become mainstream in all of the years I’ve been in this business. By comparison – remember how fast the sparkling Italian wine Prosecco exploded? Now it’s considered a less expensive substitute for Champagne, and is widely consumed.

Not quite white wine or red wine, the Rosé is a little gem that’s one of the most versatile wine styles around. I read a study years ago in which people were blindfolded and given wines. They were asked what kind of wines they were drinking. Many people in the study called out the room-temperature Rosés as reds. I’m not suggesting serving them at room temperature, but I think it illustrates the versatility of the style. I also appreciate the fact that they come in so many different hues of pink – from a deep almost-red to incredibly soft, pale tones.

Rosés can be drunk alone on those sunny days that call for a glass of wine on the deck and they can pair beautifully with lighter fare like salads or with more robust foods like barbecue – anything off the grill, really!

In fact, as a style, it is my go-to wine throughout the summer.

So, for the month of July, Town & Country Markets are celebrating pink wines by promoting Rosés. We’ve selected 11 of our favorites and will be featuring them throughout the month at terrific prices. Look for them in the wine shops and also in the chilled wine coolers.


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the Respect Deserved

  1. Written by Kevin S - July 10, 2013

    A good dry Rosé is a perfect pairing for Salmon, especially grilled Salmon.

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